Invest in Yourself

As a part of the Business, Finance, and Economics (BFE) Intensive Program, you'll:

• Get tuition-free access to all BFE courseware

• Build the skills you need to be competitive in the modern, digital workforce 

• Prove what you learn to employers or clients with Skills Badges by completing and passing Challenges

• Receive 1-on-1 help and feedback from mentors  

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How the Business, Finance, and Economics (BFE) Program Works

More effective than traditional universities, 1/30th the price.

Easy Access

not expensive


Get free access to all program curriculum (including video lectures, tools, guides, resources, etc.). You'll only pay when you engage a program mentor.

any device

Study from Anywhere

View lectures, complete challenges, and privately interact with your mentor on any device from anywhere in the world.


Set Your Own Schedule

Complete courses and challenges at your own pace and interact with mentors digitally via email.

brain in a box

More Than Courses

Hundreds of resources that support your skill development are at your fingertips and usable in the real world. Think of these tools as an extension of your own brain.

You are not alone.


Eazl students worldwide


1-on-1 engagements with Eazl mentors provided in the last year


Opportunities for 1-on-1 interactions with a mentor per course


Minimum hours of personalized help and feedback from a mentor throughout program 

A Program That Requires Effort (Not Wealth or Debt) to Succeed

Collect & Earn Skills Badges

Complete Challenges and earn Skills Badges to include on your LinkedIn profile, portfolio, and resume. 

There are 3 Skill Badges available per course:

  • Level I: Understanding 
  • Level II: Performance 
  • Level III: Leadership
Eazl BFE Intensive Degree

Above: Badges available for the Business Writing course.

Try until you get it right.

Our priority is that you learn. When you don't pass a challenge, it's just between you and your mentor. Attempt a challenge until you are workplace-ready. Feedback from your mentor will help you get there.

21st Century Skills

Graphic (above): World Economic Forum

Build In-Demand 21st Century Skills 

To be successful in the modern economy, you need to be able to collaborate, communicate, and solve problems. The BFE program enables you to develop two or more 21st Century Skills with each Challenge you attempt and pass.  

Leave with a portfolio of useful, relevant projects.

Each course provides you with something to show, including ready-to-publish content that will help you build your professional brand. 

Are you ready to get started?

Yes, I'm ready to invest in myself.

Program Curriculum  

eazl bfe program

Skills You Need 

Based on skills that are in-demand, using real data from authorities like LinkedIn, World Economic Forum, and Financial Times.

eazl bfe program

Build Your Technical Skill Set

Integrates use of digital tools to support your learning and build your technical skills.

eazl bfe program

Voices from the Field

Features real practitioners from all over the world who use the skills you'll be learning every day at work.

eazl BFE program


Manageable courses centered around completing projects based on real-world situations. Courses are compact and efficient so you can focus on practicing what you learn.

Business Writing: One Pattern, Infinite Applications  

The first course you'll take as a part of the Business, Finance, and Economics Intensive Program will build your writing skills for the workplace.  

Improve your business writing skills to have greater impact in your communications at work, including:  

  • Proposals
  • Data-Based Reports
  • Promotional Copy
  • Persuasive Video Scripts ...and much more.

Business Writing: One Pattern, Infinite Applications is the first course available in the BFE Program.

Until all of the courses are published, we recommend moving through the program in the order in which the courses are released.

The Simple Art of Teamwork and Collaboration

Other Courses

Eazl BFE Program

The program will include a total of ~25 courses on business, finance, and economics topics that each fit into one of the following Specializations:  

  • Communication
  • Humanities
  • Data Analysis and Strategy
  • Finance and Accounting 
  • Management  

You must enroll in the Business Writing course first but the order in which you move through the rest of the program is up to you. 

The next course to open for enrollment is about collaborating with teams and is currently in production. More details will be announced soon.

Until all of the courses are published, we recommend moving through the program in the order in which the courses are released.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program right for me?

Your ability to succeed in this program is based on your willingness to commit to applying the curriculum and mentor feedback until you are able to submit workplace-ready work. For some assignments, you might meet the standards on the first try. Others might take a couple of attempts to get there. 

If you have grit and persistence, you'll do well here. If you don't have these qualities, this program will help you develop them. Think of your mentor as a kind but honest friend who is genuinely invested in your ability to succeed.

What are the Challenges like?

In Level I, you'll demonstrate your comprehension of the curriculum by completing and passing a rigorous quiz with at least a 90.  

In Level II, you'll put the curriculum to work by responding to a series of short-answer questions, some of which will be used as a foundation for your Level III Challenge.  

In Levell III, you'll build leadership-level abilities with a long-form written assignment that requires critical thinking and decision-making.

How much does the program cost?

If you are admitted to the BFE Intensive program, your enrollment in the curriculum is completely free. You'll only pay when you engage a mentor to assess your Challenge responses.

The pricing of assessment varies based on level and we follow a dynamic pricing model when we receive an increased demand for assessment. Generally, pricing is as follows:

Level I: ~35 EazlCoins Level II: ~67 EazlCoins Level III: ~99 EazlCoins 

In order to maintain free access to the curriculum, you must attempt Challenges.

Learn more about EazlCoins here.

How long do I have to complete the program?

You can take as much time as you need to complete the entire program or an individual course. You choose your own schedule and decide when you study.  

Keep in mind that, in order to maintain free access to the curriculum, you must attempt Challenges. There is a 1 month grace period between your initial enrollment and your first attempt at a Challenge and a 2 month grace period between all other challenge attempts. If you exceed the grace period, we may remove you from the program. 

This program is for students who are serious about building their skills. Come ready to invest in yourself and we'll meet you halfway.

What if I have questions or need support?

Upon admission, you'll receive access to an orientation materials and a student account that will enable you to ask questions in the Student Union. You can also book a time slot with a mentor if you have a question that isn't right for the Student Union.

Are you ready to build and demonstrate your skills?


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